Commemoration at Global Headquarters

Commemoration at Global Headquarters

AHEPA, the largest Hellenic based organization worldwide, has released a comprehensive schedule of events for the Greek Bicentennial. AHEPA's districts and chapters globally will acknowledge the Bicentennial of Greece in the upcoming months, with social distancing and public health being of primary concern. The schedule is includes AHEPA communities throughout America, Canada, Europe, Greece and Cyprus.

AHEPA will continue its celebrations beyond March and throughout the year, culminating in the AHEPA Supreme Convention in Athens from July 25 to July 31 this summer. The public is encouraged to continue practicing social distancing but to consider their participation honoring the Greek Bicentennial, culminating in the AHEPA Supreme Convention" stated Supreme President George Horiates

AHEPA re- released as a  the lead-up to the 200th anniversary of Greek Independence, an online version of an AHEPA-published book about America’s contributions to Greece’s fight for independence, “The 1821 Greek War of Independence and America’s Contributions to the Greek Cause.

AHEPA will continue with a full schedule of online events, adding to a robust and well deserved commemoration of the Greek Bicentennial year. AHEPA has and will throughout 2021 continue in it's publication, The Ahepan, as well as on internet platforms the promotion of the Greek Bicentennial, the American assistance to the Greek War of Independence and AHEPA's critical century long role in the alliance between Greece and the United States

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March 18, 2021


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