2021 marked the Bicentennial Anniversary of Greek Independence.  This historical event recognized the struggles and sacrifices of Greeks two centuries ago and the impact Hellenes continue to have in the world.  This celebration is a great reminder that history can be used as inspiration for the future.

The video provides a baseline timeline of events dating back to the Greek War of Independence, and includes the immigration story of Greeks coming to America and the current contributions Greek Americans and Phil-Hellenes are making in the world. This overview is meant to educate and inspire future generations of Hellenes and Phil-Hellenes all over the world to better understand the universal principles of Hellenism which will enable them to understand the origins of democratic thinking,  independent thought and the pursuit of lifelong learning. This approach is instrumental in producing worthy members of our community who will continue to pass on these wonderful gifts for future generations to come.

We express our gratitude to the Pissios family for their generosity and support in making of this video.  Their story of immigration, struggle and success in America is an inspiration to all in our community and especially to our youth.

Through dialogue and cooperation, we hope to highlight a message of unity of purpose through this initiative.  We must continue to be grounded in our glorious history and feel an exceptional sense of pride while finding ways to continue to support our local Greek organizations and use our history to inspire the future.


"Although we are virtual, we are still powerful, and our message resounds from coast to coast all across our Archdiocese.
Our acknowledgment of the blessings of life and liberty, blessings for which the Heroes of 1821 shed their blood, is a monumental moment in the one-hundred-year history of our Holy Archdiocese of America. The distance of time, of land and sea, and even of our cultural acclimation, cannot separate us from the profound depths of meaning that this Anniversary contains."
—Archbishop Elpidophoros of America

Photo by D. Panagos
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