AHEPA commemorates Philhellene John M. Allen in Annapolis for his efforts in Greek War of Independence

AHEPA commemorates Philhellene John M. Allen in Annapolis for his efforts in Greek War of Independence

On Saturday March 6, 202, AHEPA continued in its campaign celebrating the Greek Bicentennial in Annapolis, MD. Annapolis’ Greek name is in honor of Queen Anne of England. A historic city of the Washington-Baltimore Metropolitan area, the City has great significance for the Greek American community. AHEPA Supreme President George Horiates, along with members of the AHEPA Capital district lodge and chapters from Washington through to Baltimore attended the event held at the site of the Constantino Brumidi statue. The statue of the architect of the capital was dedicated in 2019.

Also in attendance was Annapolis City Councilmember Sheila M. Finlayson. Her honor presented and read a proclamation on behalf of Mayor Gavin Buckley. The Proclamation was in honor of Greek Independence as well as the region’s contributions to the Greek cause. “It is important for the public to understand this region’s assistance to the Greek committees of the 1820’s as well as our continuing relationship with Greece” stated Ms. Finlayson. “Annapolis thanks the Order of AHEPA for never forgetting and promoting the relationship between this region and Greece and the love for liberty we, and philhellene John M. Allen, had in common with the Greek nation.”

AHEPA Supreme President George Horiates presented Ms. Finlayson the AHEPA Medal of Honor for her efforts in fighting the current pandemic and for Annapolis’ efforts in allowing this social distanced affair to occur.

“John M. Allen, like so many others, was a true defender of Hellenism” stated the Supreme President. Thus, the AHEPA Greek Bicentennial Annapolis celebration also was met with recitals of many of John M. Allen’s accounts of the Greek War of Independence sent to America to convince Americans to assist the cause of Greek Independence.

The following appeal written by Mr. Allen appeared in American newspapers on October 10, 1826:

Dear Sir:

Our affairs in Greece at the present are very bad; but I hope they will change for the better soon. We are almost deserted by the whole world; but union and perseverance will save us yet. God will be merciful to Christians struggling for their independence, although deserted by the whole world. As for my part, I am devoted to the cause, and let Greece fail or flourish, I remain with her. Do, my dear sir, urge our countrymen to assist in some more substantial manner…God knows they are worthy of our aid.  JOHN M. ALLEN

AHEPA will continue providing these timely remembrances and stories that need to be told, commemorating the brave Greeks and their friends that fought for freedom 200 years ago. 

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March 6, 2021


Annapolis, MD

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