AHEPA Schedule of Events for Greek Independence Day

AHEPA Schedule of Events for Greek Independence Day



AHEPA Mother Lodge District 1 (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi. South Carolina, Tennessee)

March 25 - Atlanta, GA- Raising of the Greek Flag near the AHEPA Centennial statue. 7PM “ Miracle of 1821 Celebrating the Bicentennial of Greece’s Independence” by Victor Polizos https://www.facebook.com/events/476164623520212

AHEPA Citrus District 2 (Florida, Puerto Rico and Bahamas)

March 25 - Tarpon Springs, Flag Raising at AHEPA home and St, Nicholas Church with Mayor

March 25 - Clearwater Flag Raising at Town Square

AHEPA Capital District 3 (North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, DC)

March 25 - Sunset, Lighting of the George Washington Memorial in Alexandria, VA Blue and White lights in honor of Greek Independence Day.

AHEPA Power District 4 (Pennsylvania)

March 25 – Philadelphia, City Hall Greek Flag Raising

March 25 - Pittsburgh Commemoration outside of Greek Room, Tower of Learning

March 25 - Proclamation issued by Governor of the State of Pennsylvania

AHEPA John G Thevos District 5 (New Jersey and Delaware)

March 25 - Flag Raising at Patterson City Hall

March 25-  Wilmington, DE.  Flag raising and singing of the Greek Hymn Commemoration at Odyssey Charter School. Flag Raising at City Hall

AHEPA Empire District 6 (New York)

March 25 - Greek Independence and Flag raising, Bowling Green

March 25 - Syracuse, NY Flag Raising

AHEPA Yankee District 7 (Connecticut, Rhode Island)

March 25 - Rhode Island,  – Lighting of the State House in Blue and White, as well as I95 highway, and many public buildings.

AHEPA Buckeye District 11 (Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia)

March 25 - Columbus, Ohio Capital Flag Raising Luncheon

March 25 - Canton, Ohio Proclamation Weeklong Flags on Main Street

AHEPA Hoosier District 12 (Indiana)

 March 25 - Presentation of Greek Flag to Governor of Indiana - Indianapolis

AHEPA Blue Ribbon District 13 (Illinois, Wisconsin)

March 25 - Commemoration at AHEPA War Memorial Chicago, Ill

AHEPA Royal Canadian District 24 (Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Calgary and Edmonton)

March 25 - Greek Independence Commemoration Winnipeg, Canada

AHEPA British Columbia District 26 (British Columbia, Canada)

March 25 - Vancouver Proclamation Weeklong Flags on Main Street

AHEPA Cyprus District 27 (Cyprus)

March 25 - Greek Independence Commemoration Initiation of new members

AHEPA European District 28 (All of Europe except Greece and Cyprus)

March 25 - London, Paris, Germany, Netherlands, Vienna and throughout continent celebrations.


AHEPA has sent a letter to EVERY state in the United States requesting our annual Proclamation for Greek Independence Day, a tradition AHEPA has done for over 50 years.

If interested in attending, contact AHEPA Global HQ for clearance per COVID-19 protocols. 


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March 25, 2021



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