Routes to 1821: Traveling Through Space and Time

Routes to 1821: Traveling Through Space and Time

Hosted by: The Director of Greek Education Mr. Anastasios Koularmanis

Presented by The Museum of Life and Education (Μουσείο Σχολικής Ζωής και Εκπαίδευσης)

Take a historical walk through time and be transported to Plaka and Athens in 1821. Meet Lord Byron, Athanasios Diakos, Odysseas Androutsos, Makrygiannis, who will tell us moments of the struggle for independence, sometimes heroic sometimes tragic, but always glorious. We will also visit the house of Agia Filothei, the house of Kadis, the statue of Makrygiannis, Agios Nikolaos Ragava. Once we arrive there we will tell their story.

Topic of Discussion:

  • How did the Revolution of 1821 begin and end in Athens?
  • Which heroes of 1821 are related to Plaka and Athens?
  • What was the flag of the Revolution?
  • What is the home of the Voevodas of Athens?
  • Which church is associated with Athanasios Diakos?
  • What really happened to Odysseus Androutsos?
  • Where is the bell that signaled the liberation from the Ottomans?
  • How does the great historian George Finley relate to Plaka?
  • How do foreign travelers describe the outbreak of the Revolution in Athens?
  • What happened to the "Winds" during the uprising in Athens?
  • Which house hides the story of the family of Lykourgos Logothetis?
  • How is Plaka connected with the Philhellenes?


Costas Stoforos: Writer-journalist, collaborator of the Museum of School Life and Education

Evangelia Kantartzi: Director of the Museum of School Life and Education


Date: Saturday, March 20, 2021, 1:00 pm est


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Event Details

March 20, 2021

1:00 PM ET


Dr. Anastasios Koularmanis