Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies Twelfth International Graduate Student Conference In Modern Greek Studies "Works in Progress: New Approaches"

Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies Twelfth International Graduate Student Conference In Modern Greek Studies

Each presentation slot will last for 35 minutes, including a 15 minute talk, 5 minute response, and 15 minute Q&A.

Conference logistics are meant to accommodate participants and attendees across different time zones, from Greece to the United States and Canada.


09:00 EST = 16.00 Athens
Welcome Remarks
Chair: Dimitri Gondicas (Princeton University)

9:10 EST = 16:10 Athens
Christianna Veloudaki (University of Edinburgh) Abstract and Bio
"The Double-Apsed Churches of Kythnos: Typological Variation or Proof of Religious Coexistence?"
Respondent: Vicky Manolopoulou (Princeton University)

9:45 EST = 16:45 Athens
Olga Evangelidou (Athens School of Fine Arts) Abstract and Bio
"Fashion and Sartorial Habits during the Greek Revolution: The Case of Syros"
Respondent: Argyro Nicolaou (Princeton University)


10:30 EST = 17:30 Athens
Yusuf Ziya Karabicak (McGill University) Abstract and Bio
"Local Patriots and Ecumenical Ottomans: Orthodox Patriarchate of Constantinople in the Morea, 1770-1821"
Respondent: Andras Kraft (Princeton University)

11:05 EST = 18:05 Athens
Charalambos Minasidis (University of Texas at Austin) Abstract and Bio
"Serving under the Greek Banner: Minority Citizen Soldiers' Experiences and Attitudes during the Long Great War (1914-23)"
Respondent: Panagiotis Theodoropoulos (Princeton University)


12:20 EST = 19:20 Athens
Yannis Fotopoulos (University of Athens) Abstract and Bio
"Transnational Telecom-politics as State Politics: Networks of Power, Politics, and International Corporate Strategies, over the Expansion of the Telephone Network, in Modern Greece (1930s-1970s)"
Respondent: Fiona Antonelaki (Princeton University)

12:55 EST = 19:55 Athens
Fotini Gouseti (University of Thessaly) Abstract and Bio
"Technologies of Monumentalization and Forgetting in Kalavryta"
Respondent: Ani Honarchiansaky (University of Utah)

1:30 EST = 20:30 Athens
Closing Remarks: Dimitri Gondicas (Princeton University)


Fiona Antonelaki, Hellenic Studies
Kathleen Crown, Humanities Council
Elizabeth Davis, Anthropology
Karen Emmerich, Comparative Literature
Dimitri Gondicas, Classics and Hellenic Studies
Molly Greene, History and Hellenic Studies
Ani Honarchiansaky, Hellenic Studies
Soo-Young Kim, Hellenic Studies
Andras Kraft, Hellenic Studies
Vicky Manolopoulou, Hellenic Studies
Argyro Nicolaou, Hellenic Studies
Effie Rentzou, French and Italian
Jamie Reuland, Music
Teresa Shawcross, History and Hellenic Studies
Katerina Stergiopoulou,  Classics and Hellenic Studies
William Stroebel, Hellenic Studies
Panagiotis Theodoropoulos, Hellenic Studies

Secretary to the Committee: William Theodorou, Department of English


The conference will be held via zoom.

Supported by the Michael George Mazarakis Modern Greek Studies Fund

Event Details

March 19, 2021

9:00 AM ET


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